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Using auditions to save time & money when hiring cleaners

hiring May 31, 2018

“In my two-person cleaning teams, I always had one person who was the manager,” says Katie. “When we had a potential new hire, I would say to a manager, ‘I’ve got somebody starting with you tomorrow.’ That person would be an extra third person who would come in and shadow the manager all day.”

Auditions or working interviews instead of sit-down interviews

So the “interview” was actually an audition in which candidates went out with a cleaning team and tried to do the job.

“It’s an audition,” says Katie. “That’s how I thought of it, and that’s what I even called it. I would pay them for the audition but explain they had to pass the audition to become an actual employee. I would say, ‘Come in, the manager will tell you exactly what to do, and just do your best.’”

“You need to literally watch your job candidates clean,” Katie explains. “You have to know what they do. There’s no point going through the official hiring process with someone if they can’t clean or don’t show much potential to learn.”

You have to know how your cleaners clean. If you can’t observe them in a client’s house, get them to clean your house or a friend’s house so you can see how they clean.

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