Train your employees to clean perfectly, each and every time, with my revolutionary training system. Detailed training videos + guided audio instruction your staff listen to as they clean. This is THE most effective training program for professional cleaners - 100% guaranteed.

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It's like having a master trainer with each employee at every cleaning job!

Step 1: Video Training

Your employees start by watching detailed videos with step-by-step instruction, online. I guide them room by room and show them exactly how to clean, and which supplies to use. Study the most effective cleaning system in the world, used for over 10 years and enjoyed by 30,000+ extremely happy customers (with the sparkliest homes!)

Step 2:  Audio Training

Once your employees have studied the training videos, they are ready to clean! Reinforce every step with my unique audio training, which directs your trainees through every room as they clean. Tap, listen, and clean right on their mobile phone. It's like having a master cleaning trainer at their side at each customer's home!

Step 3: Checklists

Lastly, your employees will sign off on each room using our incredibly detailed checklists. These are different from the checklists they leave with your customers. Both basic cleaning and deluxe cleaning checklists are included for every room. 


Katie Pearse founded an eco-friendly cleaning service in 2008, winning numerous awards and earning $1 million+ USD a year in revenue. She established some of the highest standards of cleaning in the industry with more than 30,000 appointments and has taught her professional house cleaning system to elite cleaners over the past 10 years.

Want reviews like these?

My cleaners received thousands of 5-star reviews and were voted "Best in Edmonton" every year. Your staff can be the very best too!

"Great job done today by your staff. It was so nice to come home to a clean house. Even the diaper pail was odour free - how do you do that?"


"Our house was such a mess. It's a great excuse to have to do a good job of tidying, because the cleaners are coming! Then, they do such a fantastic job. Coming home to a clean house after a long day, with no chemical smells in the air is so wonderful. Thanks Green Clean for attention to detail and working so hard!"

Tammy M

"I got my house cleaned the other day by Green Clean Squad Inc after 2 years with a private lady cleaning my house. My house was not only cleaner but you could not smell a thing, not one chemical. Now that I have experienced Green Clean Squad I will never go back."

Renee M

"My most recent cleaning on Friday has left me in awe of how great this company is. Ashley and Rachel B. are complete rock stars!!! My appt was cut a little short due to a mix up with my key, yet they still completed almost everything on my list! That's amazing - all with the utmost quality. I literally walked in my door and gasped a sigh of relief. I couldn't ask for more!"

Nicole S



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